Advancing Humanity

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AlterQuest -  A global organization dedicated to the future of mankind.

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Innovative thinking     Affirmative Action    Giving people the power to change their world!

AlterQuest is a Global Organization which was founded to be the central meeting place for people to come together, in order to create a new life and a new civilization for all mankind – without barriers of race, religion or socio-economic status.

George and Karen believe that the only way humanity can move forward is to move beyond the current flawed and corrupt system and start to implement totally new concepts, ideas and methods which must be instigated by people at a grassroots level. People from all faiths, nationalities and social standing can work and live together in harmony – with one goal, to form an ever-advancing civilization for all. Never before, in the history of the world, have we humans ever tried uniting – to work together to make life more sustainable for all of us.

This is the century where the people will control their own destiny!   READ MORE>

The AlterQuest Global Network is your starting place to find new ideas and like-minded people who are ready to create a new world. The Network gives its members knowledge, ideas and concepts which are not only extremely practical but are also amazingly innovative and forward-thinking and which lead the way into the 21st century!

By joining the Network you get access to the private members' site where you can interact with others and you'll find more fascinating information which will help you to build a better local community or nation in this new millennium. You can give and freely receive knowledge from others.

Currently the Network is free to join!   READ MORE>

The AlterQuest techniques, when learned and utilized by others, offer the potential to change the direction for the whole human race – so that we become a civilization full of kindness, prosperity and equality.

The blueprint involves changing the way we, as individuals, and as an entire race, think and act - by using more of our great human potential.

What is this human potential?  

We humans have great power – and we can tap into it if we're willing to use more of our mind, intuition, our virtuous nature, healing abilities and our intelligence. We can use this human potential in a positive manner, so we can actively problem-solve and find new solutions which are harmonious and beneficial for us and which will actively create a much better society in the 21st century. The potential can be used by individuals or by groups. Obviously there is a far greater effect when people unite and work together to change their lives. This is why we encourage you to join the AlterQuest Global Network, so you can become part of a world-wide think-tank of positive people.

To move forward, one of the other things we must do is to evaluate our past planetary history - because only by recognizing its failings, as well as the old, negative, repetitive patterns we've previously used,  can we then seek out new ideas, concepts and practical methods to make our civilization progress.

AlterQuest stands for THE Alternative Quest for Answers - and this is precisely what we offer you in our blueprint.

Please note: AlterQuest is not sponsored, funded, or influenced by any other organizations.  We do not take funding from any business or government - except where we are asked to specifically consult or do seminars for them.

The solutions and recommendations provided are based on concepts devised and developed by Karen and George Fiala - unless otherwise stated.

AlterQuest has a plan

AlterQuest has workable solutions and we have answers to the issues affecting so many people at this time. The biggest issues affecting billions of us right now are: Unemployment or under-employment; insufficient income for the necessities of life; an inability to have a home; no access to quality healthcare; lack of food; and possibly no clean water. Too many people are being left out of the loop and feel despair and helpless.

In a sustainable society we can provide all these necessities and we can thrive - not merely struggle to survive.

Did you know… right now, even with the economic recession and other problems which are facing our civilization, there ARE communities which are thriving?

How are they doing this?

AlterQuest knows!

You can no longer wait for governments, 'leaders' and others to show you the way. They're still using the tired old ways and it's abundantly clear they do not want to change.

AlterQuest has proven methods which are already working successfully to make life better in towns and cities all over the world.

What we've done is to gather these amazing ideas and put them all together for you in one global organization.

Why a global organization?

It is totally apparent to everyone living on this planet, that the old system of greed, corruption, hate and violence is NOT the way to move forward.

This old system encourages a vested few to have all the influence and hold the destiny of over seven billion of us in their hands. This is WRONG.

This system is failing and more of us are being left behind.

Now is the time to adopt a new way – a much fairer way – and this time it's up to us. READ MORE>

Health is very important if we are going to have the energy and courage to change our circumstances so our healing sessions, like every other aspect of AlterQuest, consist of four things:

1.The ability to think outside the norm for answers – using concepts such as intuitive diagnosis, holistic remedies and mind power.

2.The person must utilize many modalities and solutions to find a cure - and not just the traditional ones.

3.You must take your own responsibility and not to leave everything solely to the practitioner or anyone else.

4.Group healing where others focus on the individual and offer healing thoughts, prayers or long distant healing can also have a powerful effect. This has been scientifically proven. In our private member section you can participate or ask the group to send healing to you.

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The Founders of AlterQuest are:

George Fiala, B.Com. Economics - a former senior economist and

Karen Fiala N.D. - a futurist.

Using their expertise, for over twenty years they have laid the foundations for a blueprint which has the capacity to actively shape the future and make our world a much better place to live.