Advancing Humanity

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AlterQuest -  A global organization dedicated to the future of mankind.

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Here we will update the latest ideas and concepts as well as news from around the globe which will keep you informed and will give you the edge on others who still are not ready to see that big changes are occurring on our planet.

At AlterQuest we feel that it is time humanity had one global place where everyone can be made aware of the state of our world. Therefore on this page we have real-time earthquake and volcano monitors which show where seismic and volcanic activity is occurring each day. This allows you to be prepared and forewarned if planetary movement is happening in your region.

We may also put an economic overview of each country if it becomes necessary – but ideally, since you are probably already aware that the old economic system is already failing, the best thing you can do at this time is to form a local AlterQuest Network and work with others – both locally and globally – to create a better civilization which will run regardless of the old system.

A Simple Solar Oven Makes Salt Water Drinkable

Designer Gabriele Diamanti invented a simple terracotta oven which converts salt water into drinkable water. Users pour salt water into the basin in the morning. Then, as the temperature rises over the course of the day, steam moves downwards and is condensed into fresh water. A clay carrying tray designed to be toted on the head transports the water back to camp. The idea is that instructions for the project can be delivered to craftsmen.  

Olafur Eliasson’s LED Light For The Developing World

Olafur Eliasson created the LittleSun - a small, solar-powered lamp which can  replace kerosene-burning lanterns, which are more expensive, dimmer, and more dangerous. Designed for communities with little to no access to electricity, LittleSun’s brilliance is in its simplicity--it can be worn, mounted to a bike or used as a desk lamp. Mr Eliasson is planning a solar-powered radio and phone charger next.  

A gravity powered light     

An ingenious gravity-powered light source has reached its first funding goal in four days. Co-invented by industrial designer Martin Riddiford, this inexpensive kit allows an LED (light) to be run for 30 minutes from a three-second pull on a rope. Gravity does the rest. The GravityLight was devised with developing countries in mind - areas without sophisticated power grids, and where low wages leave batteries and solar panels prohibitively expensive. The kit includes an LED lamp and a sack that is filled with sand, rocks or whatever is to hand. The bag is attached to a rope threaded through a mechanism that generates the electricity: after pulling the sack up, it slowly descends, feeding the cord through the machine and powering the electric dynamo.

What is even more interesting about this project is the fact that the developers put a plea online for people to give a donation so they could continue to refine the Gravity Light and make the product better and cheaper. To achieve this they launched a fundraising campaign  on  Miraculously, within a few days they had six times as much funding as they had originally asked for. Now that's positive people power!  

Stranger finds memory card from camera and uses Facebook to track down the owner  

A person in the Australian outback found a memory card on an isolated dusty road. After reviewing the data on the card he realized that it contained someone's precious photos and so he became determined to find the people in the pictures. He put one of the photos on Facebook and asked others to resend the photo in the hope that one day someone would recognize the photo and would contact him.  A while later a person did indeed recognize the faces because he was the neighbour of the couple in the photo. He told his neighbours what had happened and the memory card was returned to its rightful owner.

Source: Sunrise Channel 7, Australia. 11 January, 2013  

Why are we telling you this story? This shows the power of the internet and communication with one another. If a memory card can find its way back to its owner, half way across Australia because people helped people, just think what we can do with ideas and positive knowledge in the Global Network and using our ideas exchange via the internet!