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AlterQuest -  A global organization dedicated to the future of mankind.

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Accurate! In 2006 we said that the weather would get more severe and strange. We also said that earthquake activity would get worse.

Accurate! From 2005 onwards we started telling people that the economic system was going to go through much turmoil.

Accurate! In 2008 we predicted that people should sell weak and under-performing assets.

Accurate! We advised people to sell their shares before the crash of 2008.

Accurate! In May 2009 we predicted (via Twitter) an earthquake in Los Angeles a week before it happened.

Many of our predictions are still to come and we put them on this page for you to read, so you can take action if you feel it is necessary.

What's different about our predictions is that we don't just see the future we also show you how to be prepared for the things which are going to happen.

Karen and George offer solutions to individuals, communities and business, as well as local or national governments, based on their current situation and also the issues which will affect them in the future.

Eventually governments with massive debts will cut back services and raise taxes. Those corporations with near monopoly power - especially those who have acquired government owned assets such as power and water, will keep on raising their charges.

Soon deflation will replace inflation as the main concern for the economy.

China will withdraw a high percentage of its investment deposits in the USA and increase its gold stocks. There will be a downturn early this decade which will become more severe, leading to global bankruptcy.

The rise and fall of global markets and commodities will not be so coordinated or in-sync as in previous years. This will mask the coming crash.

There will be increasing problems and frustration with technology e.g. computers, mobile phones etc. Air travel will become even more of a headache for most and as the industry continues to cut costs by cutting corners (the traditional corporate mantra) it will suffer greater decline.

The USA President will increasingly devise a new society based on military dominance, as the current system in the US crumbles.

Traditional large and small business will decline, to be replaced by community-based small enterprises. We will see an increase in community networks online.

The future is just around the corner

The Economy       

Despite generous handouts by central governments to stimulate the economy and encourage spending, state and local government and corporations, which have near monopoly power, will all raise their fees and charges - thus taking away any gain for the general population.

Smaller businesses in competitive industries will be forced to lower their prices just to maintain their cash flow and stay afloat.

The Socio-political Structure

The USA President will try to unify his country and the world. He will want to unify others to work together to solve the economic and environmental catastrophes we are facing but  the opposition is far too great. He will win some political battles but he will lose most.

The USA will try to be a greater diplomatic player on the world stage but will not take on Russia if pushed.

The USA will find itself in conflict with Iran but Iran will suffer serious internal strife.

Deep emotions will surface for most people. Restlessness, frustration, anger and a sense of doom around the world will increase.

Israel will become a stronger democratic and military nation while the Palestinians territories, Syria, Jordon, Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt decline into increasing anarchy.

Palestine especially the Gaza strip will descend into greater anarchy breeding more terrorists. Terrorism will increase in Israel and as a result, Israel will become even more of a militaristic dominated nation. The conflict between Israel and Palestine will look more like a civil war between the military and agitates.

The USA will lose in Afghanistan and Iraq. The latter will descend into civil war.

A counter revolution in Iran will overthrow the current regime.

Cross-border terrorism will increase - though governments, for the most part, will limit conventional warfare. This will especially be true for India where Pakistani militants will increasingly attack Indian cities. The Indian government will eventually respond by invading areas in Pakistan which are thought to be militant strongholds. This will become a flash point of epic proportions.

Greater government control and crackdowns will occur throughout the world, first to limit terrorist acts and then to make up for the failure of the global corporate economy.

Despite this greater control, anarchy and revolution will grow. Japan, most European, and many other nations, will begin to implode while still trying to maintain a semblance of a functioning economic system.

With greater unease and anxiety suffered by the population, the Chinese government will fall as the military takes over. It disbands and a more democratic society will evolve.

Tibet will have more autonomy.

The Climate and the Environment   

Please note: These predictions are for long term overall trends and not short term fluctuations.

The North and South poles are heating up faster than anyone imagines. (Since this prediction was made, this has now been confirmed by scientists).  

The sun is shining like a super high element in an oven. This intensifying of heat will spread from the poles to the rest of the planet.

Meanwhile, most of the planet which is not yet affected will be hit by greater and diverse fluctuations in weather. Some countries will experience severe drought but more will be drenched by rain and flooding. And there will be times when these situations will be reversed.

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will intensify. See the planetary seismic monitors on our News page for today's Earth activity.

Soils will be depleted even in areas where it rains a lot as top soil will be washed away. Pollution via acid rain will harm many trees and other fauna.

Want to know how to survive in these conditions? Here is what you can do!

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The role of toxic metals such as mercury, lead, industrial fluoride, along with hazardous chemicals added to foods, used in plastics, pesticides and electromagnetic radiation, including microwave radiation from mobile phones, will be increasingly acknowledged as the cause of many, if not most of, our major illnesses.

This will be made public - despite industry sponsored reports trying to deflect these studies.

More people will become aware and angry that these volatile toxins are increasingly found in our soils, water, food, as well as in building materials, homes and offices.

Despite the growth of cities worldwide there will be a growing counter trend to the country and a more simplistic, easier natural lifestyle.

Stress is increasing and having a big effect on our health.

Living in an increasingly competitive, intolerant, impatient and noisy society will aggravate and sicken more people.

More will suffer from under-functioning metabolism. Hypothyroidism will develop due to increased stress and poor diet, leading to a host of illnesses and fatigue. Traditional diseases like cancer, arthritis, heart disease, pneumonia, diabetes, MS, Colitis will be exceeded by the rise in brain tumors, depression, migraines, fatigue, aggressive behavior, madness, anorexia, ear infections and sinus.

For an in-depth consultation about your health and how to be well, please visit our Health page.  

Our predictions are the result of three skills.

George Fiala is an economist who uses economic data and trends to make some of his predictions. He also uses his intuition via his Powerful Connections technique and brings knowledge of the future to you.

Karen Fiala is a futurist with a difference. In the AlterQuest book she predicted four scenarios which are now unfolding (and told of some which are still going to occur). Here she predicts social, economic, geographical and climatic trends which will affect all mankind.

Strange Events    

As we develop ever greater telescopes to find other planets, societies from more advanced worlds have already been observing us.

With so many things coming to a head and many changes about to occur on our planet, alien interest about the Earth is increasing.

Many people have seen UFOs in the past but more of us, whether we want to or not, whether we believe in them or not, will see them. Shortly sightings of more than one craft, or even multiple numbers at a time, will be seen.

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Want to become intuitive? George Fiala uses his Powerful Connections technique to tap into his intuition.  If you would like to learn how, book a consultation.    


The Alternative Quest for Answers’

by Karen Fiala N.D

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New Age culture will be revived.

There will be a shift in thinking in physics.

The big bang theory will be discredited.

The universe will be seen as eternal never having had a beginning and no ending foreseen.

In quantum mechanics, it will be accepted that what is seen as the random behavior of sub-particles is normal predictable behavior in higher dimensions.

The theory of time travel to the past will finally be put to rest.