Advancing Humanity

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AlterQuest -  A global organization dedicated to the future of mankind.

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AlterQuest private sessions are consultations for people, groups, communities, businesses or governments which want to use the AlterQuest blueprint for positive progress.

We offer two types of consultation:                

Sessions with Karen Fiala:

Here she teaches how to structure a local community which can be more self-governing, self-reliant and forward-thinking. You will learn how to create a neighbourhood, town, city or entire nation, which can evaluate the problems facing the region and have the ability to find positive, viable, sustainable concepts.

This is a far cry from the old system which is totally flawed and illogical – and which is doomed to fail.

This new way of progressing is the future for the world. It will lead to a fair and just society where everyone has a chance to live well on this planet.

This type of consultation is available to anyone – whether you're a person who just wants to gather a few friends to make some positive changes in your life because you're sick of being beaten down by the 'system', or you're an actual (or potential) community leader, or a group of individuals who want what's best for the people who live in your locality.

In this session, not only will you learn how to build a new people-powered community structure, you'll learn techniques which will make the transition much smoother. You will also be able to ask questions and seek answers for the issues which are specific for your area.   

Here's an example:

Karen foresaw a water shortage in the Gold Coast region where she lived before most people were aware of it and she suggested that the local council consider a water desalination plant. She also sought out, and provided information about, the engineer who could oversee the project. The council and State government later commissioned the facility. (Please note the government did not consult Karen on this occasion however, she did give the information to the local council because she foresaw the looming water problem which did happen.)  

How does Karen work out what may happen?

Using a combination of current and potential future factors and scenarios she is able to say what could occur and what should be done to alleviate some of the issues. In the case of the water shortage it was easy to see that climactic patterns (El Nino) led to dry conditions and combined with the influx of people migrating to the area and the number of houses being built – each of which would need water for their occupants and some of which may also have swimming pools – and it's not too hard to figure out the issues which will arise. Then she must find practical, workable solutions.

Consultations with Karen can include:

When you're ready to actively participate in shaping a brighter future – you're ready for a consultation with Karen Fiala.

Sessions with George Fiala:

George offers a number of different consultations based on health, diagnosis and fulfilling your human potential. These include:

A health diagnosis – using George's intuitive diagnosis, combined with more conventional holistic approaches, you will learn much more about your body, its dis-ease and the probable causes than you have discovered till now.

Treatment plans and remedies.

Healing sessions – either in person (if applicable) or via phone or long distance.

You can learn how to become intuitive so you can also use this amazing ability to find answers for yourself and others.

Discover how to use your mind to influence reality and change your circumstances.

For more information see the Healing page.

Our consultations are done in person (when possible) or via phone, email or SKYPE.

Our consultations are done in person (when possible) or via phone, email or SKYPE.

To make the sessions accessible to as many people as possible, AlterQuest consultations are by donation for individuals and communities. Our recommended price is AUD$30.00 per person but if you feel they're worth more, you can donate a higher amount. We want to be affordable to all.

The money from our consultations, books and other products goes towards more projects to make the human race, and our wonderful planet, advance.


Contact us to book an appointment with George or Karen