Advancing Humanity

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AlterQuest -  A global organization dedicated to the future of mankind.

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To make our knowledge and expertise available to as many people as possible AlterQuest will be making it in many formats. We already have the Ultimate AlterQuest Blueprint (our book) which is available in paperback and download and we will also be making further E-books, CDs and DVDs as time permits.

The AlterQuest Book

In these uncertain times many people are wondering what will happen next.

Will mankind still be around next decade or next century?

What are the likely scenarios?

Should we merely continue to live the way we have – or should we change and create a better world?

The answers to all these questions are in this amazing book.

The AlterQuest book is a blueprint for change written in three parts.

Part One looks at the history we've left behind and the recurring cycles and patterns of negative behaviour (such as world wars, and economic woes, lack of real leadership ) and it discusses the four scenarios,  some of which have already happened and some are yet to come. Then it gets the reader to question why we would want to continue in this manner.

Part Two offers a new AlterQuest blueprint where individuals, communities and entire nations start to take responsibility for their destiny and begin to use Positive People Power combined with new concepts which will make life fair and just for the first time in human history. This section gives the actual blueprint and teaches you how to make absolutely wonderful, progressive changes.

Part Three is full of alternative solutions which allow you to move away from the old, corrupt, ineffective ways of living and offers many fresh 21st century ideas which are already being used in communities all over the world. We spent over 20 years seeking these concepts and we offer them all to you in one book.

We can honestly say there is no other publication which gives you so much. This book is THE manual you need to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

• Want to know how to create a positive community?

• Want to know how to live outside the old, flawed system?

• Want to know how to control your food supply?

• Want to know how to make a home without paying a fortune?

• Want a myriad of workable alternative solutions which will make a new flourishing economy;  where people have jobs, where all people have access to healthcare; where you can control your utility bills; where people create the type of society they want to live in – rather than merely being pushed to the 'wall' in the old society. It's time for change, people – and AlterQuest is going to give it to you!

If you only ever bought one book this year, the AlterQuest book would be the one! It contains the best Blueprint for the Future.


Review of the book: "Alterquest: The alternative quest for answers"   'Excellent!.......Treads where others dare not...'  D.L.

Available from in paperback and e book formats


Also available from Amazon


NEWSFLASH: You can now purchase our info packed AlterQuest book/blueprint for progress, postage free to every country.