Advancing Humanity

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AlterQuest -  A global organization dedicated to the future of mankind.

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AlterQuest offers a myriad of solutions many of which are already in use by individuals, families and entire communities around the globe.

Here we will give you some of these amazing concepts. You'll find many more in our AlterQuest book and we'll also give you the latest information and ideas as we find them, if you are a member of the AlterQuest Global Network.

We encourage our members to seek out new ways - and to share these in a free and fair manner in our AlterQuest Global Ideas Exchange Database and Think Tank. This is the ultimate 'people helping people' concept.

We have put these examples in point form so you can easily see how wonderful these are.

The first solutions teach how to tap into more of your human potential and are taught in private consultation or in our seminars or webinars.

The solutions we offer are a combination of models which work and which are making life much better for men, women and children all over the planet.

AlterQuest has gathered the methods and put them in one place, so you can have this knowledge and access it easily. These methods were established by people like you, who wished to make the world a better place to live.

Here are just a few of the alternative solutions which teach how to create a better, fairer, more sustainable and prosperous community.

Note: In our book we discuss a myriad of empowering alternatives available to individuals and whole regions for food, housing, employment, money, water, utilities, people power … and more…

Form an AlterQuest Network throughout the country. Get local Networks set up in all regions. This way people unite under one banner, irrespective of social status, religious or ethnic differences. Here everyone is equal. All get the same information and can set up their infrastructure in an identical manner. Therefore, if one group has barter, another group can do the same. If one group wants to start a local monetary system, all the groups could use the same currency. Working together with others makes it so much easier to strengthen your local economy.

Start a local economy, where individual communities or even the entire population, starts a new monetary system. This will work well, especially since the originally currency is locked away in the banks and the people then have no means to pay for items. The best way is to print local money – with certain safeguards, so it can’t be forged. I would suggest contacting the people in Ithaca, USA to ask them about the Ithaca Hours system which is a well-established system of local currency. This method has solved many issues relating to low (or no) income or lack of employment. It is also a way to circulate money to all members of the community in a fair way. (I always wondered why no-one did this during the depression in the 1920s).

Make a barter system, where food, clothing, and other necessities are exchanged for other goods and services. Here local people use their talents and skills in exchange for other necessities e.g. hairdressing, dressmaking, quilt-making, alternative health practitioners, doctors, nurses, organic produce, cake-making, babysitting, woodwork, roof mending, carpentry, wool spinning, artwork, painting……. The list is endless. LETS is one such system where credits are given for goods and services you provide and those credits can be used to purchase items from others in the group.

Make a food co-operative, to get bulk-buying and/or wholesale prices for your community.

Form a local credit union or bank. Do not allow the banks to dictate all the rules, charge high fees, give higher interest to foreign investors or better deals to corporations. You are the people who live in the area. You must dictate the terms.

Start a local food supply. Grow fruit and vegetables nearby and sell the excess at markets. Learn how to grow organically, hydroponically or use Permaculture methods. Don’t rely on others for all your food. Anyone can learn how to grow some produce, given a few varieties of seeds, some soil and water. You can also start a city farm, where animals are also kept, on a small scale, for the benefit of the community.

Make community food gardens, where everyone gets involved.

Teach those in your neighborhood how to utilize a variety of growing methods so they can easily make a home garden. Some of these useful methods are: organic growing, hydroponics, no-dig gardening, and Permaculture. If we all learn how to produce food from seeds people will no longer have to go without food.

Start a farmers market. Here the local farmers, who are not getting sufficient recompense for the crops they’re growing, can trade in local currency or barter as part payment for their goods. By forming a farmers’ market the primary producers can bypass the middleman and bring their produce straight to the people.

Encourage local farmers to plant a diversification of crops. Crops such as bamboo, or exotic ethnic vegetables, ginger or tea tree are usually outside the scope of regular farmers but if they’re willing to expand their horizons, they’ll find that they can increase their income and could even start exporting a portion of the harvest.

Start a farmer investment scheme. Using this method, local people purchase shares from a farmer. The money he receives for the shares help him buy seeds and other items needed to produce a crop for the next season. When the harvest is ready, the farmer repays you (the shareholders) with a package of fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs and milk, each week. This system is already in use in other countries and is a win-win situation. This system is called CSA or Community Supported Agriculture.  

Form a local market where people can bring their homemade wares to sell at greatly reduced prices. This means you bypass the imported products, which are made overseas by multi-national corporations and must to be imported into your country. Most countries can already produce similar items but cheap imports undercut the local economy and put many of us out of work. With a local market you tell foreign importers where to go…. and you choose to support your community by buying or selling locally produced flowers, pies, cakes, grains, whole-foods, organics, local meats and cheeses, wool, clothing, shoes, and much more. The market can also be a showcase for other businesses, such as alternative energy, home-grown inventions, community banking etc, to demonstrate what they can offer. It may surprise you to know that if something can be made in another country, far away, it can also be made locally. Also, most countries have the ability to provide the essentials for their residents, if only they focused on doing so. Food, clothing and energy should be able to be produced within your nation. This will make jobs for the people.

Start new community businesses. These are small scale companies run by families or groups who wish to work together and form co-ops. This puts business back in the hands of the locals and has the potential to create employment. When businesses are formed in your area, if you support them, they will thrive. This then gives these small companies the capacity to take on more employees. When more people have work they have more money to spend and if they’re encouraged to buy locally, this will soon have a beneficial effect on the whole community economy. It’s a beneficial cycle and a way to increase job numbers plus bring wealth to the area. The way things are now, there are fewer and fewer good jobs and we’re being offered much smaller salaries than we’re worth - all so the multi-national corporations can reap ever-larger profits. A large percentage of the money is drained away from the region and this only causes hardship for the population.  It’s time to put a stop to this greed.

Get small stores in several communities to form a buying group so they can negotiate the best deals on items and pass the savings on.

Produce as many items as possible locally and don’t import these unless it’s absolutely necessary. Don’t use the excuse that it’s cheaper to import things. Cheap imports are often lower in price because countries pay their workers a pittance or because the other country is trying to undercut your nation’s economy. By driving prices lower they know we’ll spot a bargain and will purchase their goods. When they have a monopoly these guys then increase the cost and we’ve backed ourselves into a corner.

Find new niche markets for export. If you become inventive, you may start a business which is unique. It is these sorts of products, goods or services which can be exported to other countries. For example, the person who invented the airplane black box recorder came from Australia. Unfortunately, like a lot of things which were invented in that country, the inventor couldn’t get credence or financial backing and so the idea was taken offshore. It’s time every country supported these individual initiatives because unique products are the ones you can export around the globe and in doing so, can boost your nation’s economy.    

Explore ways to invent new technology Solar energy or cars which run on water are new technology but many countries simply ignored the people who proposed these concepts, although had they taken notice, global warming may have been lessened. Countries should embrace new technology not shun it. If you can promote new concepts you will find new markets. Don’t keep manufacturing the same things. Be innovative. Find a new niche and the sky’s the limit.  

Start community healthcare and preventative medicine clinics. Don’t bemoan the fact that there are no healthcare facilities. Start your own clinics. You may not be able to have a fully equipped hospital but you can find local health practitioners who need part time work or are willing to donate some of their time to treat patients for a small salary or perhaps assist on a volunteer basis.  

Make sure every person can be educated. An educated country is one which is able to find ways to help itself.  

Join the AlterQuest Global Network. (I’m repeating this advice because it’s so important.) Link to others all over the planet so you can discover many other practical ideas. This way you can start to evaluate all the issues you’re facing and can work as a community or a country, to overcome these. Just know, there are answers for many of the problems you are currently experiencing and if you focus on each difficulty, with the intent of finding a viable answer, you will come up with the most marvelous ways to go forward.

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The AlterQuest book has the only step by step blueprint for the progress of mankind ever written.

• If you want to overcome the current economic situation – this book reveals how others have done it.

• If you want to know how to set up a thriving community– this book shows the way.

•  If you want to build a future society - this book teaches you the steps.

• If you want a myriad of truly inspiring new ideas and concepts which are available on our planet at this very moment – they're in this book.

• If you want to know how to be prepared for disasters which could be ahead – this book has your emergency/survival list.

• If you want to learn how other communities in different countries all faced adversity then overcame their problems and triumphed – this book has their inspiring stories.

• We can't list all the benefits you'll get from reading the AlterQuest book but we can guarantee when you've read it you'll realize you have in your hands the only way to move forward – for yourself, your family, your community and ultimately for our entire civilization!

We offer many more workable, practical, progressive concepts to our Members.

By becoming a member of the AlterQuest Network you will receive our newsletter with the latest information and ideas which become available. You can also share your new concepts and knowledge with others. If each of us does this, we will be uniting to do our part to make the world a much better place.

We could make such wonderful changes.

Each of us has positive and negative tendencies. None of us is perfect but all of us could strive to be better tomorrow than we are today. Each of us has a really positive potential within us - but do we utilize this to its fullest? No way!

If we all used our potential we could make such wonderful changes.

If greed wasn’t the ruling credo in our world, we could advance much further.

We could find ways of making life better for everyone.

We could develop balanced social structures. Not rich versus poor or black versus white.

We could really embrace the diversity which constitutes the human race.

We could choose to live in peace.

We could choose to rebuild our planet.

We could choose to become a gentle, polite, mature and loving race of beings.

We could be happy.

We could have hope for the future….

If we wanted!      If we tried!

A scenario which could become reality on our planet.

Many intuitive people have looked into the future and seen potential for the earth to become a wonderful place. They see a planet where nature is in harmony with humanity. Flowers, trees and wildlife surround us. The people are tranquil and happy with their lives. Buildings are dome-shaped and are made out of new substances, such as crystal. Beauty abounds. The human race is using its time productively to create an ever-advancing civilization. Each individual is seeking the most spiritual path to follow in his or her lifetime.                                  

Why don’t we do this now?

We can, you know.

It’s totally up to us


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