AlterQuest is a people-power organization and think-tank where we look at the problems facing mankind on this world and we find really positive, progressive, workable solutions.  Whether the economy isn’t doing well and this is affecting you, or climate change is becoming a reality, or civil unrest is happening because things have gotten really bad in your region and you think the future may look bleak if nothing changes, you need to know that there ARE ways to change these situations. Many of these ideas have now been used successfully in communities all around the world and the starting point happened when people actively decided to create a new standard of living which was fair and just for everyone.  

In these times we must finally realize that there has to be a better way to exist. The old world has failed us and too many people are being left out of the loop. We all have to survive and … better still …  thrive on this planet and we need to implement much better systems in order to do this. Whether you’re in a nation which has been decimated by the economic downturn or you’re in a country ravaged by war, there are ways to build new economies and a new society.

It is possible.  AlterQuest has answers!

At AlterQuest we also examine what it means to be human and how we can all use more of our untapped abilities in order to make ourselves, and others, better people. This in turn, will also create better societies – especially if we utilize positive virtues such as compassion, love and kindness which are things which have been sadly lacking in our old civilization. For centuries, the basis for the old world was greed, corruption and incompetence in our ‘leaders’ and although the system benefitted a few, the rest of the human population suffered. The good news is … it doesn’t have to be this way!

Using our ability to problem-solve with techniques such as lateral thinking; intuition; meditation and mind power, as well as different forms of healing and living will all help to shape a new world which is much better for everyone – and isn’t that what we need in the 21st century and beyond?

Here at AlterQuest our Founders, in their capacity as an economist and a futurist, spent years examining the old world and its failings in order to see what went wrong – then we sought out new ways to make humanity move forward.  We examined systems which had already begun to work well in towns, cities and small communities all over the world and we collated all these ideas in one place so anyone could implement these in their own regions without having to ‘reinvent the wheel’.  The concepts we will show you have helped people to live alongside, or outside, the old-world system and it is this ability to exist independently of the failing economy which empowers the people and offers a blueprint for a sustainable future.

Two recent issues which have affected billions of people are the Corona Virus shutdown – where people were told to stay at home, yet not given sufficient (or any) means to pay for food, rent or medicine, therefore no way to live and then we also had the failing economy where governments are more concerned about supporting corporations on the stock market than the wellbeing of people. Surely by now we can see that people need a better system for living.


 All of these concepts involve people power. This means people coming together to problem-solve and create workable communities. You cannot change things by doing it alone. It takes a village!

  • You can create a local monetary system which works alongside, or outside the old economy. Examples of this are Bristol Pounds and Ithaca Hours. There are many other local currencies operating in towns and cities all over the planet right now. We have a list in our latest book ‘The AlterQuest Blueprint’ and show you how to get started.
  • You can create small businesses which by locals, for locals. This creates jobs.
  • You can start a barter or LETS group.
  • You can implement community food gardens, where you use vacant land or parks to grow fruit and vegetables which can be shared in the locality.
  • You can start a community power company. Yes, it has been done!
  • You can build small homes for the homeless so that people don’t have to live on the streets.
  • You can open community medical centres which help everyone and not just those who can afford it. These can be run by donation or with a small monthly fee.

In our AlterQuest books you will find so many more ideas which are already working really well in localities all over the world. Our job is to get this information out to as many people, in as many places as possible, so everyone can be empowered and we can think outside the box in order to create a better civilization. All you need it knowledge and the willingness to start changing your locality.   AlterQuest will teach you the way!


                                                                  ALTERQUEST IS:

   Teaching how to create an ever-advancing, 21st century civilization by using more of your human abilities!

  • New thinking and actions to build a better world.
  • The old world and the new world.
  • AlterQuest Global Network – using people power for positive progress.
  • Healing techniques
  • Techniques to increase your human potential.
  • A directive for the future
  • Is the Earth really the centre of the universe?

   This is now and for our future!


                                                                  ALTERQUEST BENEFITS

  • Gathering people all over the planet who are ready and willing to work together to create a better civilization.
  • Be part of a global organization which finds solutions for the problems facing our society.
  • The opportunity to become a member of a worldwide think tank which shares knowledge equally.
  • Members can access ideas and concepts which they can use to make their locality progress.
  • Learn how to tap into your greater human potential





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