Teaching how to create an ever-advancing, 21st century civilization by using more of your human abilities!

AlterQuest was founded by Karen Fiala N.D. and George Fiala B.Com (Economics) D.N.


Karen is an author and futurist. She has written the book ‘AlterQuest Shape The Future’ which contains amazing concepts for change which have already been proven to work and have been used in towns and communities around the world and also ‘The AlterQuest Blueprint’ which is the actual method for building and creating a workable local community in a shorter form.

She has been gathering information about how individuals, families and entire communities, can move forward if (or when) the current world system collapses and everyone wants precise answers on how to set up thriving communities which can exist alongside, or outside the crumbling old system of living.

Karen is available for consultations and as a guest blogger, or guest speaker, on the topics of community-building and how to create a thriving society.


George is a retired senior economist who believes the whole financial system will collapse within a few years and a new system will have to be built. He had a long-term health issue, Crohns Disease, which he cured with various holistic methods. He now focuses on helping people use more of their human potentials such as energy healing; using thought and mind power to alter reality; utilizing intuitive guidance and other inherent human abilities which can help people problem-solve and progress in their own lives.

He believes there is more to being human than we know or currently use at this time. There’s a whole new paradigm and we, humans, have many more potential human abilities than we currently invoke. In fact, we’ve only just scratched the surface of what it means to be human and the powers we truly have, inside each and every one of us.

George is available for consultations on how to expand your human potentials, healing concepts and as a guest blogger or speaker.

AlterQuest is building a Global Network of like-minded people who are ready to make our world progress in the 21st century. We offer ideas and concepts which encompass both spiritual and practical solutions for mankind and for the wellbeing of those who are ready for positive change.

Are you one of those people?

AlterQuest encompasses the principles of positive people power, thinking outside the box and using more of your human abilities in order to create a world which will be sustainable and viable in the 21st century. This is rare in a world of materialism, greed and ‘being in it for yourself’.

We believe in people helping people!

If we gather sufficient people who are interested, we will do Zoom calls to discuss more of these human potentials and positive actions so that more of us can be proactive and change our reality and our world this decade! Let us know if you would like to be part of this via our contact form.

AlterQuest provides answers to questions which have previously not been asked.

Questions such as:

  • Why is the human race continuing to follow a such flawed system of life when there is a much better way?
  • Is there an actual blueprint which could be utilized to create a more harmonious world?
  • Are there current solutions which can work alongside, or outside, the old-world system?
  • Is there a way forward which is more befitting mankind in the 21st century?
  • Are there missing factors which, if put into place, could change the citizens of Earth, into much more advanced beings with spiritual and practical qualities such as kindness, compassion, intelligence and intuition?

The answer is that humanity can move forward and implement a much better way of life which will allow us to live in peace and harmony this millennium … and beyond. To do this we will have to follow new guidelines and use more of our human potential.

We will have to become one planetary think-tank, which shares amazing new ways of living with all people. We must also be forward-thinking and apply our innate spiritual and healing qualities if we are ever going to survive and thrive on the Earth.

There is no other solution for humanity.
We are out of time, and out of options.

The AlterQuest solution is workable and we can implement it right now!