However, there are some common denominators which can help your body to heal and feel much better and we will discuss these now. These are factors which we have noted over and over during the years – and these seem to be true for many people – however since doctors and medical professionals are not taught this information in their training, these concepts are often never discussed and are often overlooked as truly being supportive.

These are some of the factors we have found:

1. Unless there is an actual physical anomaly or deformity, a body can get healthy.

e.g. if a person has an arrhythmia, or incorrect heartbeat, if the heart does not have an anatomical reason for the palpitations, then certain things may make it better. This is the same for many illnesses such as arthritis, Crohns Disease, weight issues, cardiovascular issues etc. It doesn’t matter what the dis-ease is called, the following effects may be very beneficial, if utilized.

2. The things which could help the body correct itself are:

a. Changing your eating regime. For too long people felt they were invincible. They could do what they wanted and eat whatever junk food they felt like and it didn’t matter. Well, I’m here to tell you that the more junk type food you eat over your life, the more the body will feel terrible. It’s accumulative!

b. A more natural eating regime helps tremendously. There are case stories galore to testify to this. What the person has done is to be proactive and reverse a lot of the nutritional damage done by eating ‘non-foods’ over the years. By ‘non-foods’ is meant things you ingest which either tax the body so much that it can’t cope or things you ate or drank which made the body unwell because of the chemicals and artificial colours and flavours which were in the ‘food’. You can reverse much of this damage by doing a complete 180 degree change and eating only foods which give you nutrition – essential vitamins, minerals, co-factors, enzymes, and a host of other nutrients – many of which work alongside each other and some of which have not even been found by science or given status at this time and yet they do exist!

c. Your thoughts can change your reality! If you are ill and nothing seems to be working to make you better, you could turn to your mind. If the mind is given thoughts which are positive and affirming, it can influence the body to change accordingly. So … even if you are ill, you can begin to say “I am well” over and over in your thoughts during the day. After all, what harm can there be in this? Eventually your mind could alter the parameters and your body may respond accordingly e.g. if you are overweight and diet does not seem to work, it could be your thyroid or liver which is the underlying cause. If you think “I am slim and well” your thought can influence your body and it may indeed, make you slim and well. There was a lady who did this to get out of her wheelchair. Now she walks again! She also teaches others how to be focused and use this ability. She did a Ted Talk to show her health achievement but there is a disclaimer from Ted which says doctors and scientists do not approve this method. To us, this is a sure sign that she is on the right path and this is one way to get the body to heal. Of course, there will be certain people, with financial interest, who do not want others to learn that there are indeed, new ways to heal yourself! Oh well, if you know, you can be proactive and try for yourself. If you are unsure, we will assist you. There is nothing to lose and a lot of health to gain!

d. What we have also learned is that vitamins and minerals and herbs are useful in some circumstances but they will most likely only be a support and will not heal you.

e. Some medications may have side effects. In fact, the side effects may be worse than the illness you were originally trying to heal and sometimes these ‘side’ effects are actually the same as the illness you are trying to heal e.g. some medications for arrhythmia actually cause arrhythmia and some blood pressure medications cause even higher blood pressure and may have a host of other effects on the body too! If you are on any medication, note if you get other issues. One herbal substance, which can help with adrenals and stress, also causes low blood sugar in some people – so it’s good to be alert and aware.


Human beings need at least four basic things to make life sustainable on this world.

1. A job or source of income
2. A home
3. A life-partner
4. Health

Health is very important because without it, life can become very difficult. If our body or mind is not at peace and able to function well, it turns life into a struggle.

Healing encompasses many facets. You can try the medical route with doctors, specialists, pharmaceutical medicines and surgery (if needed) and you can also use holistic treatments such as food, nutrition, vitamins, minerals, herbs or homeopathy.

Then there is a third option which is energy healing and a fourth way is to use your mind power.

All of these methods may have merit and sometimes they need to be used in conjunction with each other.

As we found out in our own healing journey there are many components to health.


To diagnose an illness – i.e. give it a name or figure out what is happening to the body, you need to use various tools.

1. Investigative tools such as blood pressure monitoring, blood and urine tests, CT scans, MRI, Xrays etc.

2. Take a medical history to put the picture together.

Or alternative diagnostics such as:

• Intuitive diagnosis, kinesiology (muscle testing), looking at tongue, fingernails and other signs which pinpoint issues in certain parts of the body e.g. lungs, kidneys, adrenals, liver or intestines.

• Look for tell-tale signs of nutritional deficiencies e.g white spots on fingernails equates to zinc deficiency and cramping or arrythmia can point to lack of magnesium.

• There is so much more to discovering why a person’s body is not functioning as well as it could.

If you have tried all the usual approaches but the problem still persists then maybe it’s time to try something different.

Intuitive diagnosis along with other techniques such as energy healing and lifestyle and mind changes may bring you more relief than just masking the symptoms.

There can be many reasons why someone is unwell. In fact, it’s called dis-ease for a reason. You have to examine all the factors including lifestyle, past trauma, environmental or physical reasons – along with diet and supplements. For example, many people may have the same illness but one may have had emotional trauma when younger and another may have been poisoned by fluoride in the water or mercury in black/amalgam teeth fillings. Someone else may have had a physical injury which never healed and another may have undiagnosed hormonal issues.

If you can get to the root cause(s) of the health issue you then have a starting point.

It’s the same with finding answers for your health. The solutions may be multi-fold. You may have to change your diet, add in some beneficial vitamins and minerals, avoid foods or environmental toxins which are making you worse and at the same time you may need energy healing and lessons in mind power in order to heal.

Health, just like other issues in our life, is multi-factorial. There is often more than one component to getting well and if you can find those components you can then work on your own personal healing.


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