For millenniums we have known that certain people had extraordinary ‘powers’ or gifts which they could use to enhance life.

Things such as intuition where they could sense something was about to happen – or telepathy, where they could interact with others using their thoughts or mind power where their thoughts could influence their reality.

All of these are extrasensory but they can be utilized by those who either have these abilities naturally or by those who choose to learn how to use them wisely. It seems possible that human beings have always had these abilities but they were latent inside us, unless we invoked them.

Knowing this, it is quite possible that if we practise these skills, we can increase them and use them for our own good and for the benefit of others.

This has been proven – and doing it could give us amazing potential to ask for guidance for answers to our current problems and allow us to problem-solve using solutions which we may not have previously considered. The scope is endless.

Does this sound far-fetched?

Actually, governments have employed task forces to see how far our human potential can go. They have studied people with psychic abilities and encouraged others who excelled in remote viewing (a form of visualizing the future or seeing an event in another place far removed from where the experiment was taking place). Even if they don’t make it public, certain agencies believe these gifts are real and they can be used to change events now and in the future.

So, how can we use these abilities to
make our lives better?

If you can master these inherent human abilities, you can use much more of your intuition to assess situations and change the outcomes and you can utilize ‘gut feelings’ to decide if something is positive for you or not.

You can increase your intuitive abilities greatly just by using them, just as you can increase your healing abilities and your telepathy (the ability to communicate mind to mind with others).

With intuition, you can ask for ‘guidance’ on all matters – whether personal or for the wider world – and you can use the answers you receive to make better decisions. By tapping into knowledge from a higher source you can incorporate a greater perspective – rather than the limited one we learn by only using ideas and concepts which are known on this world.

Life is so much more than just ‘going with the flow’ and doing whatever has always been done on this planet.

In the 21st century, and beyond, we human beings will realize there is so much more to life than we know and there is so much more to our existence than we thought.

So, learn how to tap into your other extra-sensory abilities.

  • Become more intuitive.
  • Learn how to use mind-power to change reality.
  • Practice telepathy.
  • Use more of your positive attributes such as kindness, compassion for others, honesty and love.
  • These things will not only allow you to change and grow – and in this way you will expand your horizons and alter your life for the better – but you will also help others to do the same.
  • These attributes and abilities will, if used, change our world from one of mistrust, hatred and greed to one of trust, healing and love for our fellow man.

“Humanity must change and grow. We must fulfill our potential. Not taking action could cause mankind to falter and wither. We must use our intelligence, the ability to expand our minds and our horizons. We must chart the unknown possibilities of existence and be open to options we never considered.”

Star Trek Generations
Examples of how using these
abilities can change your world.
  • You can use your guidance to ask for help in making life decisions.
  • You can also use it to help others to find the right answers.
  • You can tap in to find ways to make your locality better and more prosperous.
  • You can help others to realize that the spiritual way of living is far better than the old world. By using love for your fellow man, you can make the world so much better. We were never meant to live in a reality where suspicion, greed, mistrust and dishonesty were meant to be the forefront of life. In fact, we were meant to have joy, happiness, honesty and caring as the basis for living – and if enough of us focus on using and practising these attributes, we will absolutely have the ability to make these the basis for a new way of living on the Earth.

I would like to learn how to use more of my human potentials.

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